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Katie Musolff

The Pfister's 2010 Artist in Residence

Katie uses painting as her way of documenting small pockets of the population around her. She attempts to insert herself into places where artists aren't usually found in order to discover interesting people to paint, as well as to expose the surrounding community to the act of art making. "I've painted at the Wilson Commons in South Milwaukee and the St. Ann Center in St. Francis. I'd show up every week and paint a single person for everyone to watch, observe and interact with. My goal is to blur the lines between 'us' and 'them' by taking regular people and elevating them to a subject worthy of being painted, shown in a gallery or museum, seen by 'art educated people' and mixing them together until you can't tell who is who."

More information on Katie Musolff can be found at KatieMusolff.com, or view the Pricing Guide for Katie Musolff paintings.

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