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Tonia Klein

2013 Artist in Residence Finalist: Tonia Klein

Tonia's work is influenced by fairy tales and world mythology. She uses these as a basis for sharing her own personal stories. Patterns and pattern making help to create a separate world for these stories to exist, but still be connected to our own world and understanding. By using recognizable figures and repeating them in an unnatural way, they are both of this world and not.

While painting is still central to her process, printmaking and collage are becoming a part of my practice because they can be used to create large areas of complex pattern. She appropriates ready-made patterns or she digitally create specific patterns to build structured metaphors into her pieces. The metaphors relate archetypes from fairy tales into her own personal life to help her connect her experiences with other peoples’.

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About the Program

According Joe Kurth, The Pfister’s General Manager, “For decades, The Pfister has hosted the much acclaimed Victorian Art Collection, the largest of its kind in any hotel in the world. We want to expand on our reputation as a destination hotel for art connoisseurs by offering our guests and the public a glimpse into the world of art as it is being created – in real time, by amazingly talented artists.”

Find out more, see the Artist in Residence page.


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