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Our Previous Artists in Residence

Thank you to all our previous artists!


Stephanie Barenz

About: Stephanie Barenz is a painter, printmaker, and architecture lover from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her work is created with the hope that it would stimulate a conversation about the sanctity of knowing one's neighbor, the importance of locality and the elevation of the commonplace to the remarkable.

Timothy Westbrook

About: Timothy Westbrook is a fiber artist who focuses on costume, performance and installation art. He uses fairytale themes as an environmentalist analogy. He implements his sustainable studio practices by using re-purposed materials for his work along with low-impact equipment; his favorite is a non-electric treadle sewing machine

Shelby Keefe

About: Shelby Keefe is a contemporary impressionistic painter, teacher and performance artist. Born in Whitewater, WI in 1958, she graduated in 1981 from Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee, WI. After retiring from a career in graphic design in 2005, she operates her own art studio and exhibition space in Bay View, on the south side of Milwaukee.

Katie Musolff

About: These paintings and drawings were made while living in a small house located on Pearl Street in Stoddard Wisconsin . There's not much to Stoddard and, actually, there's not much to the house either. But that's beside the point because just outside the back door, about 100 feet, is Pool 8 of the Mississippi River . The river is alive and ever-changing and it has a great deal to teach. So, this past year, I tried my best to become it's student. I swam, canoed and fished in it's waters. I grew and ate food from it's fertile grounds. I sat back and watched the endless array of animals and birds that frequented the yard, sketchbook in hand. I got bit by the bugs, chased by the snakes and romanced by the swallowtails. I closely followed the dramas of the feuding purple martins and sparrows like any other nosy neighbor would. I tried to get involved in some affairs, stepping into nature's realm to play judge and jury with mixed results. I watched things die that I wanted to live and, other times, I willingly killed things that I wanted dead. I collected animals, insects and bits of other things, always equipped with a handy plastic bag in my back pocket and spare jar in the boat. I brought my findings back into the little house and my makeshift studio where I painted them directly, allowing my eyes to move steadily over every inch, part artist, part naturalist but all eager student of the river.

Reginald Baylor

Current Tendencies II Artists from Milwaukee

About: Current Tendencies II features 10 Milwaukee artists working in a variety of media including: photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, video and sculpture. The exhibition presents many all-new, never-before-seen works, created specifically for the Haggerty Museum. Each artist was paired with a Marquette professor who wrote a reflection of the artist's work based on the professor's area of expertise, creating dialogue between artist and scholar and connecting philosophy, theology, political science, communications, etc., to the works in the exhibition.

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