Chef Robert Ash

Chef Robert Ash

As Executive Chef of the historic Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee, Robert Ash has become synonymous with downtown dining. Overseeing The Pfister’s array of historic restaurants and lounges including Café at The Pfister, Blu and The Rouge, Ash has more than a decade of culinary experience that also includes Executive Chef positions at InterContinental Milwaukee hotel and acclaimed restaurant Kil@wat.


This is a delicious summer salad that's light on calories, but heavy on taste. The fresh, crisp spinach is mixed with smokey bacon bits, tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs and drizzled with a warm, rich dressing. Pair this with a grilled salmon fillet, and you've created an amazing meal that will leave you satisfied.

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This dish is a stunning appetizer that can be served at every occasion. The plump, delicious dates are wrapped in thick, smokey bacon then gently sauteed in a savory sauce. Creamy goat cheese is delicately placed in the center of the sweet, chewy date helping to enhance its rich flavor. This is an elegant and satisfying dish that your guests will request at every gathering.

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This recipe will surprise you! It's incredibly delicious, but it's also very easy to make. With a few simple ingredients you'll be able to create this creamy, rich custard base coated with a decadent carmalized layer in minimal time. This is a one recipe you'll turn to again and again.

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Tuna Salad Relleno

albacore tuna, piquillo pepper, watercress pesto

This isn't your typical tuna salad. It's a unique blend of tuna, onion, olive oil, watercress pesto and red pepper.

The creative and healthy combination is perfect as a light snack, but could also be served as a satisfying meal. The colorful watercress pesto adds the finishing flavors that will be pleasing to any palate.

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Caramelized Banana Egg Nog French Toast

Banana's Fosters Sauce, Cinnamon Whipped Cream, Pecans

This is one dish that you won't save for just holiday mornings. Infused with rich brown sugar and creamy butter, the two form a caramelized crust on the French toast. The addition of the Banana's Foster sauce is an indulgent delight that's surprisingly easy to make. The hearty brioche bread makes this a filling treat that's to be enjoyed year round.

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Falafel Sandwich


Falafel is a delicious Middle Eastern favorite made with garbonzo beans, garlic, onion and other seasonings. The dish is easy to make and very filling. Served with pita bread and a creamy tzatziki sauce, falafel creates a savory and satisfying meal.

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Boccarone Flat Bread

shaved fennel, marinated white anchovies, orange, olive oil

Boccarone Flat Bread is a crispy, delicious treat that easily bakes in the oven. A savory blend of anchovies, fennel, olives and manchego cheese help create the pleasing taste. This recipe makes a perfect, light meal when served with a small salad or soup. These can also be cut into smaller sizes to serve as appetizers Enjoy!.

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Apple Pudding Cake

caramel-rum sauce, vanilla bean ice cream

This moist and flavorful cake is made with apples, cinnamon, vanilla, and other delicious ingredients. This is a great cake for any family or social gathering. What makes this cake even more delectable is the rich caramel rum sauce which is delicately drizzled on top. Enjoy!

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Japanese Pumpkin Soup

spiced pumpkin seeds, rye croutons, nutmeg cream

If you're looking to create a rich, buttery flavor in a soup, add some pumpkin. This Japanese Pumpkin Soup can be served as an appetizer or a main dish. Enlivened with fresh thyme, white wine and creamy butter the flavors blend together beautifully. Be sure to add a dollop of nutmeg cream and some rye croutons to finish this delicious dish.

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Chicken Anticuchos

Peruvian Corn Salsita, Chimichurri

These spicy kebobs can be enjoyed as a main entree or party appetizer. Created with a unique blend of aji Amarillo paste and Peruvian corn, this is a meal you'll want to make again. This dish can also be frozen and thawed when needed.

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Greek Dips and Warm Pitas

sun-dried hummus and tzatziki

These two dishes are not only delicious, they're healthy and easy to make. The hummus is a creamy chick-pea paste enhanced with a splash of sun-dried tomatoes. The tzatzki's fresh taste is created by a combination of fresh cucumbers, yogurt and mint leaves. Both can be whipped up in seconds, served as a snack or as an appetizer at your next party.

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